on the menu Greece in Gettysburg Olivia’s Mediterranean Cuisine brings experience and authenticity to the table hHarry Tassou knows how busy you are. He’s busy too. As the owner-chef of Olivia’s Mediterranean Cuisine on Baltimore Pike just east of Gettysburg, he’s got his work cut out for him. But he wants to give you the experience of being on a vacation somewhere on the Mediterranean. More specifically, eating there. “Nobody cooks anymore,” Tassou says, “And who can take a week’s vacation? What we try to do is offer a getaway, something that you’re going to remember, something exciting and authentic. So we do a lot of homework, a lot of research.” Tassou–”A good Greek name!” he says–has spent most of his life in a restaurant. “I grew up in the restaurant business,” says the Baltimore native. 56 Harry and Adrian Tassou By Christine Brandt Little Photography by Tara Cofiell Seafood gazpacho 57 on the menu Greek salad Tsreki bread “My parents had a restaurant and, when “Did you know iceberg lettuce and black So while Olivia’s gives a nod to the they retired, I went to work at a very busy pepper are the only two foods that have American palate, you’ll find mostly Greek restaurant in Baltimore called Jimmy’s,” no nutritional value whatsoever?” Tassou and Mediterranean specialties on the he says, referring to the famous Fells Point digresses. “The only way you’re going to get menu. Which means you could start your eatery. “I was very fortunate that right after any vitamins from iceberg lettuce is if you meal with Buffalo wings, but you might I started, a new chef took over; his name leave some of the dirt on it.” want to try the stuffed grape leaves or was Mike Pappas. He was a top 10 chef in Why the attention to healthy details? Bruchetta Kalamatta instead. And you the tri-state area. He knew how to cook.” “My kids eat here,” he responds could have a burger, but why not try the Tassou learned to pay close attention immediately. “I eat here, my wife eats spanakopita? The menu features pages to his ingredients. “It all starts in the here, this is where I live.” dedicated to classic Mediterranean fare, as kitchen,” he says. “Fresh citrus juices, Tassou, whose Honeybee Diner was a well as pasta dishes like Tortellini Floren- olive oil—only fresh, fresh ingredients. local favorite before he opened Olivia’s in its tino and Fettuccini Carbanera. Meat dishes Not the heavy spices, the heavy shortening. place nearly three years ago, says he made are well represented, including lamb and Milks instead of creams, no thickeners. the change in response to patron requests. veal, and an impressive variety of fresh We use no trans-fat oils in our fryers. And “Once people started asking for Greek seafood is available. Creative sandwiches, we boycotted iceberg lettuce from day one. dishes, we started to put a couple different including gyros and a salmon BLT, are also 58 items out there, and they were instant hi